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Lawn Care & Turf Maintenance

We offer either a complete lawn care package or one off treatments.

Services offered are:

Summer's NearFertiliser application

For your lawn to be healthy, it needs much more than water and sunlight; it needs to be fed as well. After assessing your lawn’s soil type & consistency, we can select the most suitable fertilisers to feed your specific lawn – with the added option of controlled release, slow release or conventional release, to increase maximise your lawn’s health & vitality.    

Weed & Moss Control

Weeds and Moss are usually a good indication of underlying problems within your lawn, such as poor nutrition or excessive shade. Our experienced and licences spray operators only use “shrouded boom” sprayers which restricts the spray to the areas where it really needed.

Lawn repairs.

Is your lawn showing signs of wear? Has your lawn been damaged? Through the use of top soil, seed, turf or “turf dressing” techniques, we can simply repair and reinstate only the worn or damaged areas where treatment is needed – returning your lawn to its former glory.


Over time, dead moss, weeds and thatch can accumulate – stealing valuable light and moisture from your grass. We remove all of this mechanically, through a process known as “Scarification”, helping your lawn to breathe, and giving it the light and moisture it needs to be healthy.   

Top dressing

Top dressing involves applying a mixture of sand, finely screened loam & compost to the top of your lawn. It offers many benefits, including giving your lawn a smoother surface, improving the quality and consistency of the soil, controlling the accumulation of thatch, and greatly improving the drainage. The ratio of mix depends upon the soil type it is applied to (i.e. a clay soil will require a high content of sand and a sandy soil will require a high content of compost). Top dressing is a difficult process, and takes a lot of experience to get right, but the results are well worth the investment.


Why do lawns need aeration? Your lawn is a living breathing organism, and needs oxygen to survive. Aeration makes is easier for oxygen to get into your lawn’s roots – helping you your lawn to breathe. Also, aeration makes it easier for water, fertilizers and nutrients to get to the roots, where they are needed most. Over the years, the soil becomes compacted and the roots are prevented from growing. On top of this, a layer of “thatch” can accumulate, blocking light, and stealing valuable nutrients, preventing the growth of healthy grass. Aeration loosens the soil, and helps to clear the thatch. We can provide professional aerators, using solid tines, slit tines and hollow core tines, to improve the health of lawns of all different sizes.

Disease & pest control.

You lawn is constantly under attack from a multitude of invisible natural enemies that can spoil its appearance and general wellbeing. We can protect your lawn through the controlled and targeted application of organic disease & pest control methods, building up your lawn’s natural defences against these threats, and restoring its appearance in the process.

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